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What should this bid mean?

From the finals of the US U-26-2 trials. I have told my juniors I am not sure what this "garden variety" bid should mean.

1N (15-17)-(P)-2C (stayman)-(2S);

P (DBL would be penalty)-(P)-?

I have told them I believe DBL is "card showing" promising 2+ spades, 8+hcp, and no convenient bid. My junior bid 2N. What is 2N? 

Natural invite ( but I agree with your definition of double. How does 2N differ from DBL?)
Natural invite (DBL would be pure penalty, 4+ spades. Give up on beating the opponent when the spade suit is 6-3-2-2, 6-4(bad)-1-2 or 6-3-1-3 around the table.)
2N is "scrambling", perhaps 1=4=4=4.
2N is lebensohl, puppet to 3C after which 3D is to play.
Other. Knock yourself out.

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