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What odds do you want?

A thread to one of my posts, begun by Michael Czerwonko and responded to by well known Australian player Bob Sbesfi raised a question which has rankled me for many years. What expectation of success do you want before you bid game? Let's keep it relatively simple by restricting it specifically to vulnerable at imps or MPs but by all means remark about the effect of changing conditions.

My early days of bridge were in London in the 1960s. The popular wisdom then, to which there seemed to be no dissent, said you should punt vulnerable games which offered considerably less than fifty percent chance of success. Bob, for one, agrees. The mathematics, Bob and the other pundits said, made it clearly so.

Something inside, a gut feeling if you prefer, tells me that it is not good to go minus, whatever the conditions, with a combined 23-25 count.

Do other readers share my view, or is it just an application of simple maths? Graciously go minus, but be consoled by the fact that you have done "the right thing"?

If any world champion is tuned in, or if someone has the ear of one, I would love to hear their view. And of course anyone who sees the question as being a simple one, let us hear from you.

I could not be more happy if I get a plus score against Meckstroth and  Rodwell. I have never played against them, but I would not expect it to happen very often.

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