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What kind of carryover is appropriate for drop-ins to the semifinals of a 3 day NABC+ event?

There has been a lot of discussion regarding carryover for drop-ins from one NABC+ event into a second

This year, as a trial, quarterfinal losers in the Championship flight of the GNTs were allowed to drop into the second day (semifinals) of the three day Von Zedtwitz Pairs.

I've spoken with more than a handful of experts none of whom believe the carryover for drop-ins should be more than 50%. One suggested 20ish%tile, another 50%tile, most of the others in the 30s.

 The carryovers listed in the daily bulletin were wrong? Mike Kopera, in an aborted poll I jerryrigged as a lead problem (it was pulled), noted:

(1295/1060/1153) were what was published in the Daily Bulletin, but if you look at the carryover in the player's scores, they are not the same.

I have a note that the actual numbers were

max carryover 1191.74, min carryover 975.51, drop-in carryover 1015.36 (based on what I got from ACBL Live).

I'm not inclined to try to figure out where that fit among the 190 players Saturday re. the median or average  carryover.  Anyone else care to do that?


Though not part of this poll ...

why shouldn't flight A GNT losing  be able to drop into the Bruce semifinals if they meet the masterpoint upper limit or

flight B losers drop into their 3 day event semifinal etc.

I am not in favor drop ins
Drop-ins are ok but they should receive no carryover
Carryover up to 20% from last qualifer (around 145th place out of 182)
Carryover between 20 and 30th percentile
30 to 40
40 to 50
at the average numerical carryover: addem up and divide by the number of pairs (182 for the VZ semifinal)
at the median carryover: stick em right in the middle of the existing carryovers
give them credit for their expertise in the GNT and put them at the top 40%
give them even more

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