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What is a "world class player"?

A friend and I were having a disagreement in the bar about whether a particular player is "world class." Obviously, the issue is definitional. Which of the following are primi facie standards for qualifying as a world class player? (Bridge Winners only allows a max of 8 choices. Deal with it.)

Please select up to 8 choices.

Winning the Bermuda Bowl, not a sponsor
Winning the Bermuda Bowl
Winning the Venice Cup
Winning a different world championship
Winning the Spingold, Vanderbilt AND Reisinger
Winning the Spingold, Vanderbilt OR Reisinger
Winning multiple national championships
Winning a national championship
Winning the Crane Trophy for most masterpoints in a year
Being an ACBL grand life master
Induction into the ACBL hall of fame
Other, please specify

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