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What are the odds?

My wife Jenny (npc Aussie women's team) and I (on the Aussie open team) are spending a few days in and around Krakow before heading to Wroclaw. So yesterday we hop on our tour minibus thing and take the last two (single) seats. Then the guide says a few people have to change busses for some other tour and a couple of paired seats free up.

We change seats and then I think "wait a sec, I know that face". I turn around and say "aren't you Sylvia Shi". She says yes, obviously unsure how I know her so I tell her I recognised her from Bridge Winners (check her excellent videos on the USBC final).

I turn to her partner, who I think is Beth Palmer, but I hesitate because I'm one for one and don't want to blow it. Beth kindly saves me and introduces herself.

Entertainingly it turns out we're staying at the same hotel in Wroclaw.

Thanks Beth & Sylvia for livening up the trip and good luck (except against the Aussies of course).

So what are the odds of randomly getting on a small bus (say a dozen people) with a another bridge player in a foreign country to both of you in a city not hosting a bridge tournament AND figuring it out? It's obviously improved by the tournament being relatively nearby but still.

PS a guy from my club is from Wroclaw and patiently taught me how to pronounce it. For English speakers, the best approximation I can give is "Vrots-waf". The final "f" sound seems to have a trace of a "v" in it.

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