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What 1NT range do you like to play (and why)?

I have been finding an 11-14 1NT very successful at the club/sectional level.  Advantages:


1.  Very precise auctions via forcing/non-forcing Stayman.

2.  Preemptive value.

3. Related to pre-emptive value, a lot of players just don't bid well against the weak NT.  They get in when they shouldn't and get doubled, miss games they should get to, let you play 1NTxx and go -760 :) and generally get themselves in trouble.

4. In 1m-1M-2M and 1m-1M-3M auctions, the 2M and 3M are heavy, so you stay a level lower when it's right, and also have more room to look for slams.

5. You find 2M partscores on hands where the strong 1NT bidder's partner is too weak for Stayman.

6.  Partner knows third seat that you have at most a horrible 11, and can take some liberties.  Conversely, he doesn't have to "protect" and open super-light 3rd seat.



1.  Sometimes you wrong-side hands.

2.  You miss 2M when at other tables it goes 1m-1M-2M, while for you it's 1NT-All Pass.

3.  It's easier for the opponents to get in over 1m than a strong 1NT.

4.  When they interfere against the weak 1NT, sometimes it's hard to compete, since you don't know what the 1NT bidder's long suit is (if any).

5.  Sometimes they catch you and you go for a number, and they might not even be able to make anything their way.


So I'm curious what others here play, and why.  I have heard the theory that weak 1NT is great against bad players, but does not hold up in serious competition.  Do you agree?

Weaker than 10-12
15-17 (or 14+ - 17)
Variable, depending on seat/vulnerability

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