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With help from Tom Carmichael, my club has started using web movements a couple of times a week. The players have been receptive and the directors are learning the movements.

Why did I start using webs?

My players greatly prefer playing 8 rounds of 3 boards. With a start time of Noon, and a bad rush hour in Metro Atlanta, this gets them out early, and still provides time for socializing. In the Open game, with a half table we will try and play 9 rounds.

My interest in webs got started when I realized that my Open games with 12 tables preferred an 8 round, 36 board movement rather than a 12 round bye stand relay. As a player I found this strange since, with 2 sets of boards available, I would always prefer the 12 round movement with everyone playing everyone. The web movements give me a way to please everyone.

However, does anyone have Webs for 8 rounds in 11, 13, 15 table versions? I have the even table versions but not the odd. A second question, if we set up a 9 round web movement and find we are running late, can we curtail the movement after 8 rounds in ACBL Score. I suspect this is not as easy as changing the ending round number on a Mitchell movement.

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