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Was I Right or Wrong?

Normal club game.  Came to a table in the middle of the session, against a man who often winters here in Hawaii with his wife (with whom he normally plays, and with whom he normally achieves good results), playing with a man in his 30s, whom he introduces as his son, "who is just learning bridge. Our auctions have been all over the place, so be prepared for anything." All said in a pleasant and nice way.

First board. 2NT (by son) – 3NT. They miss their major fit (for a very bad board) because dad wasn't sure whether they had discussed transfers over 2NT (though dad could have used Stayman, and didn't).

Second board (we are silent in the auction).

Pass (by son)—1H



All pass.

Luckily average result, son said he became confused and then nervous about playing the hand.

Third board (we are silent in the auction).

1NT 15-17 (by son)—2C


Son goes into the tank.

I turn to him, smile and say: "You should pass."

He thanks me and does pass. Father smiles and thanks me. Average result.

My partner (who really likes to win) not as pleased, and also mutters about "protecting the field."

So, was I right or wrong?

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