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Wanted: Associate editor for the Bridge Bulletin

The Bridge Bulletin magazine is conducting a search for a talented candidate for the position of Associate Editor. What exactly does an associate editor do? Here’s a partial list:

Write. Being able to clearly describe what happens at the bridge table is important. Bidding, play and defense are the coolest parts of bridge, and writing about the leading players is fun. But being able to describe what happens every day at the thousands of clubs across ACBL is equally important. Some 85% of our membership plays almost exclusively at their local clubs, and the Bridge Bulletin serves this audience first. So being able to write up a pretty deal where Jeff Meckstroth brings home an impossible-looking 3NT (again) is necessary, but being able to write, say, a well-thought-out obituary for a longtime club director who is greatly missed by his community is just as critical.

Edit. Eddie Kantar, Mike Lawrence, David Bird and the other fantastic contributors in the Bridge Bulletin are among the best writers in the game, but even they need a second set of eyeballs to help their columns read well. Editors protect their columnists by helping to prevent errors from appearing in print. And, of course, there’s the technical stuff: spelling, grammar, clarity.

Design. The Bridge Bulletin is blessed with excellent graphic designers, but editors help design the layout of every article. Where do the photos go on the page? What art would look good? Would a sidebar help the article make sense? Does the finished page look attractive? Editors are part of a team that produces an 84-page magazine each month, and this requires working collaboratively with others.

Communicate. Editors talk to players of all skill levels on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s an interview. Sometimes it’s fact finding for a story. And many times it’s to assist members who need help finding an article or getting information about something that’s important to them. Dealing with all of the wonderfully crazy people that make up the ACBL’s membership is a huge part of the editor’s job.

You don’t have to be superstar at the table to be a good editor, but having several years of experience playing duplicate bridge is absolutely necessary. And you should love the game. And you need to be willing to live in/relocate to the Memphis area. (Really, Memphis is a cool town.)

Interested? Give us a shout at The ACBL follows all the EEOC rules. Visit for full details.

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