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“Virtually Every Expert Pair Plays [Insert Convention or Treatment Here]...”

This is obviously a follow-up to my earlier post.  

What are some conventions and/or treatments that you'd be hard-pressed to find an expert pair NOT playing/using? 

Ones that I, as a non-expert, seem to think might be candidates and/or that were implied by some commenters on the other thread:

-Two-Way New Minor Forcing


-Lebensohl over interference against our 1NT and in response to our takeout X of a Weak 2

-Splinter bids

-Preemptive opening bids of 2M or 3 of any suit 


-Kokish Relay/Birthright after a 2 opening 

-Support doubles and redoubles

-Some sort of forcing raise of opener's one-level major and minor suit openings 

-Some sort of key-card (rather than aces-only) asking gadget when the partnership has agreed on a trump suit 

-Four-suit transfers over a 1NT opening 

-Cuebidding controls as one way to explore slam

-Some sort of system for defending against opponents' 1NT opening, a system in which at least one of the available two-level overcalls is not entirely natural

-Fourth suit forcing to game (in the event game force has not already been established in some other fashion)

-Negative doubles 

-Takeout doubles

-Maximal doubles

-Responsive doubles

-Cards-showing doubles

-Cuebidding opponents' suit(s) in competitive auctions

Are there others that, in your experience, no (or almost no) expert pairs "leave home without"?  Are any of the things I've listed incorrect?

Feel free to discuss.

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