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Viking Club 1M-1NT question

In the "Viking Precision Club" book, the 1M opener looks more or less like other Precision variants, but they use 1NT to start a game forcing relay, and 2 to start invitational strength hands.  2/2 are non-forcing but constructive, and 2M is a normal raise.  So far so good.  But this means that Responder has a balanced hand with decent but non-invitational values (7-9 or so), Responder has no bid.  So I presume this means Responder passes in this situation?  Since Opener is limited to 15 we aren't missing out on games made on power, but sometimes Opener has extra shape and we end up playing 1M +170, which shouldn't make anyone happy.

Is this an actual problem?  Can anyone speak to their experience here?

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