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Vandy Brackets -- possible winners

Eugene Hung is leading the Vanderbilt bracket competition, but we don't have anything to fear about an inside job, as his choice of Paul Fireman for overall winner means he will inevitably be passed in the final standings.

There are five potential bracket winners.  Nobody--at least nobody in range--picked Lynch to win the event.  Steve Fama picked them to lose to Nickell; if they do, or even if they win the event, he will be the bracket champ.  If Lynch loses to Gordon, Alex Prairie, who picked Gordon as the overall winner, will win.

In the more popular scenario where Monaco wins its semifinal match, there are four possibilities.

As you might guess, if Gordon wins, Alex Prairie will again win; if Gordon loses, Floyd McWilliams will win.

If Monaco beats Nickell (the most popular prediction), Maarten Schollaardt will take the brackets, and finally, if that result is reversed, Eric Bell (not Srikanth Kodayam as previously posted) will win.

As for me, 97 is a nice number, and my quarterfinal choices of Diamond, Fleisher, Gromov, and Verhees mean it will stay there.

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