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USBF To Hold U31 Trials for 2020 WYBTC

On the recommendation of the USBF Junior Committee, the USBF Board has decided that the USBF will nominate up to 2 teams for the Under-31 event the WBF has added to the World Youth Bridge Team Championship (WYBTC) in Salsomaggiore, Italy, July 31 to August 9 2020.  Players are eligible for U31 if they were born on or after January 1, 1990.   

The USBF will pay the entry fee to the WYBTC for any U-31 team(s) it nominates, and will provide uniforms for the players. The USBF will not reimburse players for any other expenses incurred for the WYBTC. 

If necessary, the USBF will hold an U31 Junior United States Bridge Championship to select teams for the U31 event at the WYBTC. The U31 JUSBC will be held in Schaumburg, Ill. from May 24-26 (NOTE - this is a slight change to accommodate players who prefer more weekend days).  The entry fee for the U31 JUSBC will be $360 per team. The USBC will not provide any funding for players in the U31 JUSBC.  

Teams that want to compete in the U31 event at the 2020 WYBTC should enter the U31 JUSBC on the USBF website ( To enter, log in to the website and click on “Enter 2020 U31 JUSBC” under the User Menu.  Entries are now open and at the request of some of the potential players the closing date has been changed to March 1st. One additional entry will be accepted after March 1st only if exactly 3 teams have entered. By entering, you are committing to participate in the U31 JUSBC in Schaumburg and to attend the WYBTC this summer at your own expense.  Please contact Joe Stokes, the USBF Junior Program Coordinator, with questions. For more information about the format of the U31 JUSBC, click on 2020 U31 JUSBC under the Tournaments Menu on the USBF website. 

If 1 or 2 teams enter the U31 JUSBC, they will be the USBF team(s) for the U31 event at the 2020 WYBTC. If 3 or 4 teams enter, they will compete in Schaumburg. If more than 4 teams enter, there will be an online qualifying event in April to select 4 teams for the face to face part of the Trials, the format of which will depend on the number of teams.

Teams that qualify for the 2020 U31 event at the WYBTC with fewer than six players will be required to add a player or players so that each team going to Italy has six players. Each team must also add an NPC.  

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