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USA Sport Accord Teams for 2013 Selected

The USBF has selected the teams that will represent the United States at the Sport Accord tournament:

Open: Steve Beatty & Mark Cohen, Tom Carmichael & David Grainger, Doug Doub & Adam Wildavsky

Women's: Cheri Bjerkan & Rozanne Pollack, Mildred Breed & Disa Eythorsdottir, Christal Henner & Migry Zur Campanile.

The event will be held in Beijing, China in December. In addition to Bridge, the event will also include Chess, Draughts, Go, and Xiangqi. 

For both the Open and Women's team 4 pairs applied to represent the United States as part of the national team. All USBF Active and Resident members who had paid 2013 dues were eligible to nominate themselves for consideration to participate in the event.

The selection process to choose the 3 pairs that will represent the United States was based on a vote by players who participated in the Finals or won the USA2 bracket of the Open or Women's USBC in the last 5 years. The three pairs selected were then approved by the USBF Board. Here is the list of players eligible to vote on the pairs that would participate for the Open team and for the Women's team.

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