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Unravelling stoppers

A partner would like to play a 10-12 NT in a 2/1 context -- when nvul in 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions, with XYZ. Swell, I said, let's bamboozle the dastardly opps. Hmm, this probably requires one of the 1m openers to be balanced with 15-17 or real m and the other to be balanced with 13-14 or real om, with the required "could be short as two cards" announcement. So far, so good, until I start to think about opening 1 with AQx=KJx=KQxxx=xx or 1 with Axx=Kxx=xx=AQJxx. How do we unravel stoppers in the opened minor?  

I'd like to hear from folks who have successfully navigated these waters. Artificial solutions are not a problem, but we'd like to keep XYZ. I realize "stoppers are for children" and "how do you know about stoppers playing a normal short minor system?" are possible answers, but....

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