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Understandings Following Bidding Irregularities

Even more experienced players may only rarely find themselves in the position of having to address bidding irregularities like insufficient bids or bids out of turn.

The ACBL Board has elected Law 40B3: "a partnership, by prior agreement, may not vary its understanding during the auction...following...any irregularity".

I open a weak 2 and my LHO makes an insufficient call in a different suit.  Is my partner allowed to accept the insufficient bid and then raise back to my suit at the two level? Partner may have enough values to compete to my original call but not enough to raise to the 3 level.

I open a weak 2 bid and the bidding is passed to my RHO who makes an insufficient bid. Can I accept this bid and rebid my suit?  Wouldn't that be indicative of a 'sounder' weak 2 bid?  If I am allowed to do this doesn't my decision to not accept the insufficient bid convey that I have no extras or a weaker weak 2?  Am I not allowed to show a feature below 2 of my suit?  My partner did not ask for one.  But I am allowed to bid a second suit as that is not a variance in our understanding.

You are the dealer but your RHO opens in front of you.  Under what circumstances, if any, might you accept the bid out of rotation?  I can think of only two: my hand is not good enough for an opening call, but is rather ideal as an overcall.  Also, my hand is so weak that I do not want my partner to take any kind of preemptive action to pressure their LHO who may just get a good result by doubling.  

Can I open a 5 card weak two bid in first seat, a call that I typically would not make with only a 5 card suit in early position?


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