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Playing in a Swiss you sit down against opponents playing a big club and state they are playing transfers over 1 club openers. We discuss our defense over 1C-1D transfer Double is diamonds and 1 heart is takeout of heart. When board seven comes around auction is

     Pard          Me

P    P     1C     P

1D  D     1N

They alerted 1D but partner did not ask. I did not alert the double since they showed diamonds based on our discussions. I was short in hearts with length in spades and diamonds and before bidding 2 diamonds I asked what 1N was and was told 16-18 and 1D was negative 0-4. Over 1 D negative we play double shows majors. I then alerted the double as showing majors.

I have a hand that would bid 2S over majors and bid 2D over diamonds. What are my ethical obligations in this situation and how would you bid.


Pass - You know there is an issue and don't want to have a disaster
2S - What you would bid if you were behind screens expecting partner to get same answer as you
2D - What you believe partner has based on discussions prior to round

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