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two way new minor forcing

In a recent article Kit Woolsey points out the value of two way new minor forcing as opposed to plain vanilla new minor forcing.: Reason for Defense

Gavin Wolpert has also written about the value of two way new minor forcing as oppossed to plain vanilla new minor forcing: Two Way New Minor Forcing a.k.a.xyNT

Always open to find new ways to confound the Friday afternoon duplicate in our little town, my partner and I discussed adding TWNMF. What we found lacking in the articles was a discussion of responders rebid after responder bids two clubs and opener relays to two diamonds. What does responder bid with AQxxx Axx Qx xxx. After One club, one spade , one no trump, two clubs, two diamonds.

Do you rebid two spades? How does this square with the idea that responder needs a six bagger to rebid his suit? If you rebid two no trump, how does partner know to show three card support for spades when you may be on a four card spade suit? doesn't the relay to two diamonds inhibit opener from showing either four card heart suit or three card spade support at a low level?

A second question: Is the relay to two diamonds necessary? If you play two clubs as the invitational response, then opener can show three card support at the two level, or bid a four card heart suit at the two level. I can see that the two diamond relay would allow a signoff at two diamonds for a hand like Axxx x QJxxx xxx, but is there any other advantage to playing a relay to two diamonds, and does the advantage of the relay over rule the ability to find an eight card fit at the two level. Isn't that one of the main reasons for new minor forcing.

I guess what I am asking is whether it is playable to play two diamonds as a game force, and two clubs as invitational without the relay to two diamonds?

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