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Two-Under Transfers over Unusual Notrump

In the auction 1 (2NT), you don't have to spend two bids to show one suit (3 and 3 both showing hearts, for example). If you play 3 as a two-under transfer, and opener responds in three steps min/good/super, responder can uncover whatever he needs to know with the one bid. Opener with a minimum will respond 3 (he would reject an invitation), with a nice hand 3 (would accept an invitation) and with a great hand something else, say 3 as a cuebid (would insist on game even opposite a hand just wanting to compete.)

Responder just wanting to compete, will bid 3 over 3, will pass 3, will rebid 4 over the 3 cuebid. With an invitational hand, responder will rebid 3 over 3, otherwise will get to game. With GF he will have learned something about opener’s hand, and proceed accordingly. A ‘sneaky’ opener with a great hand might choose to respond 3 (usually minimum hand but just kidding this time) to find out responder’s strength (responder with GF hand will bid higher than 3).

This method generally shifts ‘captaincy’ to responder. Instead of responder describing his hand for opener, responder queries opener, then acts accordingly.

A direct response of 3 would be same same in spades.

Consequently you have now freed up direct 3 and 3 bids for other uses. Maybe 3 is a stopper-ask for clubs, and 3 for diamonds. Or maybe 3H is a junk raise, four-fit and very weak, and 3S is some natural pre-emptive junk. So this system would allow responder to show a junk raise, a constructive raise, a limit raise, and a GF raise.

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