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Two-level openings in fourth seat

What is the best use of two-level opening bids (excluding 2) in fourth seat after three passes?

Weak Twos are redundant in fourth seat, as are other gadgets such as Lucas Twos and a weak-only Multi 2. Standard practice (I believe) is to upgrade the point count and open 2X on hands that would in any other position open 1X and rebid 2X, but it is not obvious that this is the best usage.

Clearly opening 2X has some pre-emptive benefit compared with opening 1X, although if stopping the opponents from bidding was a primary factor in system design no-one would play that a 1 opening that could be based on a doubleton, so that seems at best a marginal advantage.

Removing these hands from the one-level has implications. Presumably a 1NT response now becomes non-forcing, even if in other circumstances it is played as forcing. 1X – 1NT – 2X now inferentially promises a stronger hand but 1X – 1NT – 2y does not, so there seems to be little gain there either.

Any suggestions?

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