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Truth is a Bitter Medicine, Ulrich

"In einem Verfahren vor der WBF-Disziplinar-Kommission wurden unsere Spieler Dr. Michael Elinescu und Dr. Entscho Wladow in erster Instanz für schuldig befunden gegen § 73 B verstossen zu haben (das Urteil finden Sie unter Dokumente).

Leider wurden die Stellungnahmen des Verbandes zu den Vorwürfen nicht in die Urteilsfindung einbezogen (siehe Dokumente).

Die Beschuldigten haben die Möglichkeit, gegen diese Entscheidung einen Appeal bei der WBF einzulegen.

Ulrich Wenning"

The president of the DBV (German Bridge Federation), Ulrich Wenning, is apparently seriously unhappy since his opinions:

weren't, in his opinion, taken in consideration in the verdict the WBF Disciplinary Commission came up with in Dallas:

My opinion is, if you are protecting obvious cheaters for your own benefit (read: retaining your own gold from Bali), especially after seeing (and hearing):

you aren't much better than a cheater himself, which is certainly a very disgraceful situation if you are contemporary the president of a national bridge federation, speaking in front of it.

The bridge world wouldn't have been in this awful situation hadn't the DBV being tolerating The Doctors with all their methods and tendencies for a long time. Lack of responsibility and determination isn't something any bridge federation should be proud of.

Since there is no indication that mister Wenning wants to take distance form everything The Doctors produced so far (he even invokes a complaint), what are the proper measures to be taken now?

P.S. Since this is quite a delicate question/situation, private votes are welcome too. Please, try to be objective, without any prejudices. TY.

Nothing special, it happens
Nothing special, except stripping the German senior team of Bali's gold
Ulrich Wenning is not up to his role, he should resign before making further damage
Ulrich Wenning (and the federation he is representning) should pay the costs of the WBF DC hearing
DBV should be punished – German national teams shouldn't be allowed to participate in WBF/EBL competitons (beginning from Opatija 2014 EP) until they manage to sort in out in a dignified manner
DBV should be punished in some other way

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