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Trouble with doubles

My partner and I have agreed to play Larry Cohen's 'list' regarding penalty doubles - if it is not on the list, it doesn't exist.

LOW LEVEL DOUBLES: (Per Cohen Article)

Basically all low level doubles are for takeout, but can be converted, with the

following exceptions:

1) We have opened, the Opponents double, and we redouble. All subsequent doubles are penalty (business).

2) We open a weak two-bid preempt and the Opponents overcall.

3) The Opponents overcall directly with 1NT or 2NT

4) We’ve already bid and raised a suit but double is not Maximal

6) The Opponents have previously been doubled (or passed) for penalty.

7) We are in a GF.

8) We make our third double of the auction.

This auction is not on the list. Should it be? Everyone vulnerable:

1 - P - P - 1

3 - X

If you overcall reasonably aggressively at the 1 level, vulnerable, is there a hand that is too weak to overcall at the one level, but now wants to compete to make a partscore vulnerable at the three level with no known fit?

What is this double?

Takeout, responsive, showing perhaps 5-5 in spades and diamonds
Penalty using 'bridge logic'
I need to see my hand to decide
This is not a 'low level double' and therefore is penalty

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