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Trick 1 long hesitation

Imps.  South is playing 3NT.  West leads the S2  (4th best).  EW are a very strong pair and have played together for 20+ years.




S2 lead                                                


Declarer plays the J from dummy.  East hesitates for about 25-30 seconds and plays the 9.  If this is attitude, it would be encouraging.  If this is count, it would show an even number.  Declarer follows low.  

Later in the hand, West wins a trick and bangs down the SA dropping declarer's K.





A832                                                    Q976





This happened over 20 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday.  I found it ugly at the time.  I thought West should have bent backward to not use the hesitation in his favor.  I think there was unauthorized information and the UI made the defense easier for West to find.  What do you think?

West did nothing wrong. His play is based on bridge logic. There is no UI.
There is UI, but West is still allowed to play SA based on bridge logic.
There is UI and the SA play can't be allowed.

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