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Treatments in Association with Forcing New Suit Advances of One-Level Overcalls: Part III

A poll at showed that about half play a new suit advance forcing and about half do not.  This series is intended to help answer some of the questions that were raised during discussion in that thread.

Part I, at, gathered some information about overcalling habits and advances on the auction

(1m) 1 (P) 1♠


Forcers are not remarkably sound overcallers (most elected option of 7-8 as minimum expected strength and allow overcalls on four card suits).

Advancers mostly elected 7-8 as minimum expected strength for the advance and said it could be made on a four card suit.

Part II, at, gathered some information about overcaller's rebidding habits. Here, things started to get fuzzier.

One group seemed to use a wide-ranging 1NT rebid as a catch-all, not promising a stopper.

For that group, I would ask "are you pretty much giving up on a notrump game except when advancer has real strength and a stopper, or do you have a way to sort out divided strength and stopper(s) for a possible notrump game without getting too high?" (I'm not meaning to suggest that giving up on a power game here is a bad thing. It may even be the wisest course.)

Another group said that 1NT shows a stopper, but almost no one from that group commented on what strength it might show.

For that group, I have two questions: "what's your catch-all rebid by overcaller and how do you sort out strength after 1NT without getting too high?"

Almost no one specified a catch-all other than 1NT or the simple suit rebid, but a significant number of respondents said that overcaller's simple suit rebid showed six. Only a couple of those respondents use 1NT as a catch-all.  For the rest, I would ask "what do you bid if you don't have a stopper, you don't have support, you don't have 4+ in the unbid minor, and you don't have a 6-bagger?"

We also need to look at things from advancer's standpoint after overcaller's rebids.  I've basically asked the what-ifs after overcaller's 1NT above.  And it's pretty clear what should happen if overcaller's simple suit rebid shows six.  But if overcaller's catch-all is to rebid a five-bagger, what does advancer do then?  How did advancer intend to handle the auction?  What kind of constraints does this place on the kinds of hands that can make an advance?

It may be possible to design this as a poll after getting some responses, but for now, I'm just trying to get the logic of people's methods.

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