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Travel[l]ers for Wroclaw 2016 WBF Pairs

I have created Travel[l]ers for the WBF Pairs events at Wroclaw 2016.


This lists all the boards, and a comparison table for the NS, EW directions. The Open, Womens, Seniors, Mixed all played the same boards except for the Finals where Final-A played different boards than Final-B.


1. The WBF results are missing hand records.

2. The WBF results pages use syntactically incorrect HTML making it difficult to parse. If there are any errors in my parsed data, let me know and I will try and fix it.

3. Some of the adjusted/assigned scores may appear strange in the tables (they also appear strange in the WBF pages).

4. There is no data for the semi-finals except for some information on Round 9. This is because there is no data on the WBF web site.

If you notice a probable scoring error, let me know and I will update this web site.

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