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Touchy Feely

Many people have discussed a variety of ways to create an environment where cheating methods are more difficult to employ. Clearly, everyone wants such an environment.  

Yet, at the same time, any change has consequences. What we gain in one respect may lose another positive aspect of bridge.

Although I am someone who much enjoys playing on BBO with friends, when I go to a tournament, I want to see people.  Not just at meals or at the end of the day; I want to see them at the table with me.  I wholly agree with those who say bridge is a social game.

Yet, I do not understand why some are so against playing on a tablet, laptop or other electronic device, as long as the "human element" of partner and opponents being present at the table is not eliminated.  Is it giving up the feel of cards in your hands and manipulating them throughout?  Is it fear of making errors electronically that could not happen with real playing cards?  Is playing on an electronic device fatiguing?

I am not trying to be critical of those who want bridge to be played with "real cards."  I am, however, curious as to what the objections are - particularly since I think playing electronically would have a number of pluses.  

So, I invite anti-electronic supporters to please share their sentiments.  Thanks! 

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