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Toronto GNTs Enter Knockout Phase

The Grand National Teams finished the first day of competition at the 2011 Toronto NABC.

Each of the 4 brackets of the Grand National Teams played a 1-day swiss reducing the field from 25 teams (1 from each of the 25 Districts) to 16.  Now there will be 4 days of all-day knockout matches with the teams seeded in the knockout based on how they finished in the swiss.

In the Championship flight, SPECTOR won the Swiss, with DUNITZ finishing second.

The winners will have their choice of who to play out of the teams who finished in 13th through 16th place. The second-place finishers in the Swiss will have second choice of the teams placing 13 through 16.  3rd and 4th place teams are shuffled and the team that draws 3rd place gets to choose their opponent out of the 2 remaining teams that finished in 13th through 16th place.  [EDIT: It was pointed out in the comments that each of the top 4 teams get to "draft" their opponent from the teams that finished 9-16, in order of seed.  Full Conditions of Contest are at]

The teams finishing 5th through 8th will be randomly assigned a seed 5 through 8. The teams finishing 9th through 12th [EDIT: unselected teams from 9-16] are also randomly seeded 9th through 12th.

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