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Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?

A club director - that would be me - thinks that club participants who play Precision and other Strong variants (I most admire the charmingly named "Kevorkian Club") ought to let opps know what is going on more than they do. Especially when the variant includes some uncommon agreements. Reasoning: it's a local club with many players who are either relative newbies playing up to an open game or seniors who may know what these systems do in general terms, but don't know the shadings of meaning attributable to certain -- yes, I'm gonna say it -- natural calls. Also, I believe the burden of responsibility for a system of sophisticated and detailed agreements should be placed upon those playing it, not those playing against it. Our Strong players are more or less miffed; some degree of derision has ensued.

No one is arguing that a club director can't do this, but I get the point, which is why I'm thinking out loud and risking public derision: They'd have to give notice for many calls for which the plain language of the Alert Chart requires no action. OTOH, some kind of protection in these situations seems to implicate Active Ethics concerns, admittedly at the outer limits of that way of thinking. (I'm not and never would be advocating this kind of thing for sectional and higher events.)

So let's investigate a couple of examples.

(1) 1-1X, where X announces ownership of the suit and a positive response, variously 8+ or 9+ HCP: Is notice required (a) just because responder can't hold fewer values or (b) if the positive is game forcing, or forcing to 3N or 4m, because it is "game" forcing?

(2) An opening 2M that is restricted to the very tight 8-10 count range: Is notice required because now auctions such as 2M-3M take on a different shading that may have lead implications, i.e. passive vs. aggressive?

(I've used the word "requires" for the poll choices: What I mean is something like "it would be actively ethical, conscientious and considerate of opps to do this.")

Please select up to 2 choices.

(1) requires an in-auction description of the HCP range by announcement or alert.
(1) requires an in-auction announcement or alert such as "game forcing."
(2) requires an in-auction announcment or alert of the 8-10 range.
Agreements such as (2) should be handled by a pre-alert.
You crazy: The Alert Chart governs, and if they want to play in an open game, they need to take their knocks and learn.

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