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To Pros and Sponsors: Encouraging Super Bracket KO Events at Our Regionals

At our recent District 7 meeting, we discussed the idea of trying to get more pro teams to come to our regionals and play in super bracket (against only other top pro teams) type KO events. After the meeting, I spoke to some of the bridge pros and sponsors attending the regional. They said start times of 11 AM and 3:30 PM were optimum but that they chose regionals based on not starting at 9 or 10AM (We were 1 PM & 7 PM). I am interested in hearing from bridge pros and sponsors about what you would like to see from District 7 that might encourage you to come and play in some super-bracket type KO events for most of the week? Start times, prizes, additional publicity, length of events, playing on BBO vugraph... consider that anything is possible (dream big) and let me know your suggestions and I will relay them to our Board. The right super-bracket events will benefit everyone that comes to a regional.

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