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Three Blackwood deals

I offer below three deals featuring Blackwood.  Perhaps the first one may be related to the appeal in the USBC.  The others may have some modest entertainment value.


Deal 1, 1976 Bermuda Bowl, board 65, neither vulnerable, North dealer


East              West

Eisenberg     Hamilton

K86           A2

A986542   KQJ

Q4            AKJ7

10             A875

3                4NT

5                5NT

6                6  (after long heistation)



A protest allowed the result to stand.  Part of the argument was that, in the agreed methods, West had a way of asking about trump strength instead of bidding 5NT.




The remaining two deals are from my local club.  Please temper judgement with mercy.


Deal 2

KQJ10xx      9

xx                AKQxx

xxxx             Ax

x                  Kxxxx


Four of nine tables bid a slam.  I think "1 or 3 key card" confusion had a lot to do with it.




   I had x Jxxx AQJxx Kxx and got us off on the wrong foot by passing as dealer.  Partner opened 1 and I responded 1NT (we play Drury but I don't think that's relevant), 3 from partner.


On mature reflection, I think the theoretical choice is between 4 and 4.  I confess I didn't consider 4 at the time, and bid a very foolish 4NT.  Partner had A and KQ, so the system bid of 5 should have gotten us to a hopeless slam.  However, partner bid 5 because he "didn't like his hand!"

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