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This is why we can't have nice things (or how the ACBL just broke your website)

EDIT: THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED. Thanks to the IT people at the ACBL for taking notice of it, however they found out :)


Some time in the past few weeks, the club results pages on the ACBL Website had changed URL patterns.

For any given club, this is what they were/are

Old way:

New way:

Why should you care? Well as long as both URL patterns still worked, you shouldn't. But sometime in the last 24 hrs someone decided to get rid of supporting the "old" way. Probably because "they werent using it anymore". It was the "old way" after all.

Well it would have been nice to, well...MENTION IT TO ANYONE. 

See, any club who ran it's own web page (or me, someone who has duties maintaining a ACBL Unit's web site with links to our clubs result pages), or anyone who links to any particular club result's page..well -- THEY BROKE YOUR &$?*%$&!^$&^ LINKS. People who click on your webpage will now get 404 errors unless the ACBL catches these requests and sends them to the right place, like they had been. At least until the URL changes again without warning, anyway.

I suspect I'm one of the first people to get complaints like this because we have a no-cache directive on our site's pages. Doing this without warning...even arguably with it, it just demonstrates a stunning lack of understanding of how things work. The same people who did this are going to fix ACBLScore?

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