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So I have been playing 2/1 with a steady partner who is A Dedicated Precision Player -- he really likes to add HCP -- but who had said he wanted to learn a tricked-out 2/1 card. OK, fine. Then he starts grousing about not being able to remember a bunch of naturalish conventions and treatments like XYZ, RFR, 3rdSuitGF, Stuff like that. OK, fine. So I gave in and told him I'd learn his highly-developed relay Precision methods in which almost everything after the 1, 2 and 2 openings (there must be others) is coded. Alphas, betas, gammas, epsilons. Highly ambiguous 1 auctions. Stuff like that. OK, fine.

Here's the thing: He wants me to open all 11 counts and most 10-count distributional hands, quick tricks be damned, claiming that this is Established Precision Principle. In my experience, based upon playing against many good Precision and 2/1 pairs, this sort of folderol leads to repeated -6s. He has urged me to obtain input from Other Precision Players, so here I am.

We are currently corresponding about Qxx KJxx QJxx Qx: What are your standards (K&R 8.05, Kleinman 9)? Is this a Pre 1 opener? How do you control the auction, or do you care? Principle this for me, will ya?

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