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The(giggle smile) Hand of The Year?

Well, it is. At least for me. It occurred yesterday at the Edgar Kaplan Winter Regional in Manhattan. I was playing in the Open Pairs with Ruth Grant. I held:






The bidding(all vul) proceeded:

1C      dble      3C(weak)     3H



Well, 5C couldn't be far wrong no matter what was going on, so that's what I bid. Lefty competed with 5H and after two passes I was up to bat again. I don't know about u, but the more they bid hearts the more I liked it, and I bid one more club for luck. Lefty couldn't double fast enough and not surprisingly, led the Ace of spades.


As Ruth tabled the dummy she shook her head and reminded me: "I told you I was weak." Well, weak is in the eye of the beholder and she tabled:







Wow! a perfecto!


I ruffed, drew trump in two leads(2-0) and led out the J of H to hope lefty would win and maybe fall from grace and shift to the J of D from J1053. But no, He led another spade. I ruffed and carefully led a low D toward the dummy and low and behold, Lefty was in fact void as I was protecting against and +1540 later it was obvious. They were cold for 7H or 7S! My lefty was 7402 and my righty was 4540.


So, giggle smile, I thought it was ironic that lefty, who had never bid his AKQxxxx failed to do so in the Edgar Kaplan Regional given that one of Edgar's well known maxims was: "When in double, bid your long suit."



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