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The Third Pair

Refugee crisis, terror attacks, earthquakes and tsunamis, and ensuing humanitarian disasters are probably the topics on the minds of most people following the daily news. The world of bridge has recently been shaken by a different earth-shattering event. In this little microcosmos of ours the last few weeks have been storm-tossed and the landscape at its top has been changed forever.

Convinced of the administrators’ unwillingness and/or inability to take measures against the perceived ongoing cheating that has pestered the top of bridge for many years Boye Brogeland took it upon himself to call on an army of enthusiastic experts to get rid of the plague. With thorough time-consuming and sleep-depriving investigations and analysis, that group managed to provide compelling evidence showing that two of the last decade’s most successful pairs in international competition apparently have achieved at least part of their results by using illegal means.

One may wish to question Boye’s approach of performing his hunt in public and with the help of the media, but one can hardly argue with its success and effectiveness. Many now look forward to a cleaner and much more enjoyable Bermuda Bowl. I for one am ecstatic at the thought that the competition this time will be just so much fairer. Boye, you deserve our gratitude. It is difficult to see how in the current environment a similar result could have been achieved without your determination.

I have had several phone conversations with Boye during the course of last weeks’ events. In our initial conversation I learnt that the majority of bridge experts had the same three pairs on a list of pairs they believed were cheating. Just as much as I personally believed the first two of those pairs to be guilty, I also believed and still believe the third pair on that list to be innocent.

Much has happened since then and the evidence that has been found with concerted efforts against those first two pairs has been overwhelming and looks impossible to refute. The hunt for the third pair continues. Many insinuations have been made on Bridgewinners, and anyone on this forum curious enough about the identity of that third pair would have had no difficulty finding out and would consequently have been able to join in the hunt if so inclined.

But where is the evidence? Confronted with this situation both Roy and I have spent sleepless nights watching sleep-inducing bridge videos and have contacted trusted experts in the search for evidence. At the time of this writing, not only has there been a total lack of compelling evidence, there hasn’t even been a single hint of potential wrongdoing.

Yet the insinuations continue. I am sure all the investigators and detectives out there would be very happy to report their findings, if they found any evidence. This time I would like to ask you to do something different. If despite all your best efforts you haven’t been able to find anything, please state so publicly. A pair’s reputation is on the line.

And to those who indulge in insinuating posts: Please show us the evidence. If you don’t have any, please keep quiet. Nobody has the right to destroy another person’s reputation without any valid proof.

For the future of bridge as we love it.

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