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The shape of things to come

There are lots of things we don't know about this virus and the near future of our civilization but we do know one thing: A Bridge Tournament is a perfect way to transmit the virus. 

If the NCAA can play without fans and the NBA can temporarily cancel the season because one NBA player tested positive, the near future for Bridge events is bleak. It won't be just Columbus. The entire Tournament schedule and a significant number of clubs will also cancel. That appears to be the new normal that is fast overtaking us. Not necessarily of course but at least as likely as a 4-1 split.

Given the above scenario Bridge goes online or we don't play bridge. 

What I have found in my life is that large bureaucratic organizations follow. They don't lead. The USBF will almost certainly work out a safe, in person, event but the ACBL and other NBOs almost certainly will not.

So we, the Bridge Winners community, will certainly bitch, complain and bemoan this new normal but will we lead?

Yes, there are lots of problems with organizing online events. The whole process is like herding cats. How do we deal with director issues and what about cheating. But consider this. The alternative may be no Bridge for an indeterminate length of time.

So let's take a shot. We have all been in seemingly hopeless contracts and would up making them. Lets try to organize and play in online events despite the obvious problems.


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