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The responsibilities of bridge professionals

I believe that one can legitimately expect bridge professionals to adhere to the highest standard of conduct and behaviour.

Although not unused to such language (I've used it myself on occasion), I was shocked when, a number of years ago, I witnessed a well-known English professional address loud four letter words in public to his partner (the team sponsor).  I would like to think that, with the Zero Tolerance initiative, such unsavoury occurrences do not happen today (at least not in public).

I think it reasonable to expect that professionals will make themselves aware of the regulations pertaining to the event in which they are playing (and of course adhere to them) and will also follow the Laws.  In particular, if an irregularity has occurred, the TD will be called.

I would go further: I suggest that, if professional players transgress, the penalties should be higher than in the case of amateurs (this is not unheard of: in England, The Pensions Regulator holds professional trustees to a higher standard than lay trustees, and has opined that the penalties for breach of regulation should be higher for professionals).

In general, do BW members agree with this approach?


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