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"the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals"

Paul Linxwiler's full comment:

Some people just won't take "yes" for an answer. It's more fun to bang out an inflammatory post, accuse people of lying (instead of just saying "I misunderstood"), and then wait for the congratulatory applause of the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals. In a way, it's the classic BridgeWhiners formula. I'll try to explain to Cindy that she shouldn't worry too much about this obnoxious forum.

Who is Paul Linxwiler?  His Bridge Winners profile says:

about me

Bridge Bulletin executive editor. Member of the Bridge Bulletin editorial staff since 1997.

I hope that few -- exactly ZERO, in fact -- other ACBL employees would be so foolish as to come onto a public forum such as Bridge Winners, and refer to it as "this obnoxious forum" and refer to (perhaps only some of, but that's not specifically stated) those who post on Bridge Winners as "the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals."

I'm probably not the only Bridge Winners member who is offended by that particular comment.

What next?  We'll see.


Mr Linxwiler's comment, quoted above, appears to have been made about 10 am CST (Mississippi) time. 

I don't know his exact circumstances when making the comment, but it may have been made at ACBL HQ in Horn Lake MS, on ACBL equipment, during time for which ACBL paid Mr Linxwiler. 

Some of us posting and commenting on "this obnoxious forum" are ACBL members. Some have been dues-paying members for many years, even over five decades, who have supported ACBL with dues, and contributed to ACBL through all kinds of club and tournament entry fees. Some of us, as Club Owners and/or Bridge Teachers, have contributed to ACBL through paying sanction fees and table fees and special event fees for Club games,and recruiting new members. 

I doubt any of us expected money we have sent to ACBL, either directly or indirectly, to have contributed to what I quote above, or to Mr Linxwiler's further comments on

What next? We'll see.

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