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The Lighter Side....

Sometimes you just have to sit back and be a mental spectator....happenings at the club this week included

1- a legitimate 5 trick compression play on defense....rho opens strong 2c, lho 2d waiting, rho 3d,lho 3h, rho 3nt. You lead j of spades from j10xxx,98xxx,void,j10x, dummy hits with xxx,AKQ10x,xx,Qxx. While you're scratching your head wondering why they are not in slam, declarer wins the opening lead with the K, and claims  13 tricks. Expecting a cold top, you discover you only got 60%. Declarer confesses to a marginal spade stopper, the stiff K.

2- Is it possible for a competent pair, both completely lucid, no mechanical error, even giving appropriate thought to their bids, can play a contract of 1s with 28 hcp between them? Think about how unique that really is. And how would you like to be the opposing pair when its discovered that they can make no game??? I actually was one of the opposing pair, and opened a trashy 10 ct a precision 1h in 1st seat,lho pass,pard pass, rho 1s...all pass!!! rho had balanced with 1s on a 5-5 17 count,lho passed the balance with a balanced 11 count, 3 little spades.  Maybe they werent so competent after all.


3- Playing Precision, white v red, 2 passes to you in 3ed seat. Its only the Friday night dupe game so you decide to live a little and open a 14-16 NT on xx,xx,xxxx,j10xxx.  The opps manage to stutter step their way to 3nt, and declarer rattles off the 1st 12 tricks, then concedes the last trick to my J of clubs, whilst giving me the dirtiest look which i responded "well, i had to have SOMETHING for my opening bid".



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