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The dreaded 5-Level (again)

Last week at the Columbia regional, Jack Feagin of Atlanta presented his guest lecturer views on the "Forcing Pass" and relatedly "Pass and Pull."

It prompted me to check previous BW posts. I found:

1) Jack's BW post in 2014. Along with expert commentary, you'll find, down thread, Jack's notes on the matter, much of which he included in his 2017 talk in Columbia.  It included his helpful reference to Jerry Helms' view on the matter.

2) Additionally, in the thread of that post, Jack posted this link:

Well worth a read as well.


In that post, it's hard not to like Yuan's comment:

"For 95% of players (I include myself in there), I think playing zero forcing passes will obtain generally better results.

Bid with (more of your) stuff,Double with (more of their) stuff,Pass with no stuff.

Easy. "


Most players below the expert level don't want to spend too much thought on this difficult subject.

I don't think that the Crane and Baze view on the 5-level are useful, but I realize I'm over-stating their view.

My bet is that even elite partnerships don't exceed getting the difficult ones right more than 60-75% of the time. Not that such a figure isn't good.


Addendum: My reference to links is redundant; pls note Steve Moese's comment below.

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