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The Death of 4-Session KO's

Mike Cassel said the following in the "Death of Teams" thread and inspried me to lift it here and start a new thread:


Timo replied in a recently read thread about the playing in the Lone Star Regional in January. I was rather flabbergasted to see that a pretty BIG regional had zero 4-session KOs. Every day a 2-session bracketed affair. The early week events had 16 and 17 brackets of mostly nines.

Is this catering to more and more segmentation in the lower brackets so that you are playing against folks with nearly exactly your MP totals? A recognition that committing to 4 sessions is too much of a commitment? An acknowledgment that 2 session short match format fill more chairs than a 4 session longer match format. This might be worth it's own topic/thread.

It sort of pains me that our regionals no longer run the kind of events we revere the most.

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