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Tablet Bidding Tray Prototype

Here is a very rough concept of what I have in mind for tablet-based bidding.  I think a single tablet would suffice and the idea is to maintain the look and feel of "traditional" bidding-box methods.

Tablet Bidding Tray

Whether or not screens are in use, the tablet would be passed from player to player who would get a pop-up bidding box orientated towards them at their turn to call.

As a future enhancement, it would also be feasible to incorporate alerts and explanations into the app with a pop-up keyboard to type an explanation and you could even provide for both opps being allowed to see both explanations on each side of the screen with appropriate modifications to screen regulations.

A few key benefits:

  • bidding irregularities (insufficient, out-of-turn, etc.) will be impossible;
  • timing of all calls could be logged and viewed by the TD in the event of hesitation rulings or slow play fine assessments;
  • in jurisdictions where "Stop" cards are used, the "Stop" card could be placed automatically and the "Stop" period enforced automatically;
  • there can be no skulduggery with inconsistent bidding card placement;
  • auctions could be fully recorded in the scoring records for subsequent review and analysis;
  • vugraph operators won't need to capture the auction.
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