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Support Double then New Suit - Meaning?

We had a partnership misunderstanding wich led to a score being rolled back (not in our favor). It dropped us from 3rd to 6th in the NABC Fast Open Pairs in Orlando.


The question is what does it mean when partner makes a Support Double, and then either rebids his minor or bids fourth suit?


Some examples;


Hand 1

1C - (1D) - 1S - (2D)

X   -  (P)  - 2S -  (P)





Hand 2

1C - (1D) - 1S - (2D)

X - (P) - 2S - (P)



I realize one possible answer is "I forgot we were playing Support Doubles." Assuming that is not the case, what should the bid mean?

Pass or Correct. I realize that you may have bid 2S on 4 pieces with a hand that you though would play well in a Moysean at match points.
Cancel the inference from the Support Double. I have extras and 6 Clubs (Hand 1) or 4 Hearts (Hand 2). Should we play in 3N or 3S or 3C (first hand)/ 3H (second hand)
I have extras, this bid is forcing one round. Tell me more.
**New Addition 12/6** Both show 3 spades. 1st Sequence forward going but non-forcing; 2nd sequence forcing
**New Addition 12/6** Other, please explain

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