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Stayman with 4333 Invite

It seems pretty obvious from BW polls and general play that with game forcing values and 4=3=3=3 or 3=4=3=3 hands the large majority prefer bidding 3NT over a 1NT (or 2NT) opening instead of using Stayman.   While there are a few exceptions among top experts, and a few still follow Pender's rule, (3NT if worst tripleton at least 9xx, otherwise Stayman)  the large majority has opined.

But what about INVITATIONAL hands with 4 card major and 4333?  THere's an argument that you can hunt for the major and stop in 2NT (or 2S) in some common structures.   For example 1N-2C-2H-2S shows invite with 4S for those playing "4-way transfers", very common , and 1N-2C-2D-2N-P/3NT is followed before opening lead by "doesn't necessarily promise a 4CM", also common.  I've just started to play "Range Check" and I believe 2S R.C. denies a 4CM (?!), so hand of invite strength need to start 2C with 4=3=3=3, but perhaps I'm wrong and its a function of suit quality, honor dispersion, etc., don't know.  Most now use a direct 2NT for something else (transfer to diamonds is common).

So this poll asks whether invit. hands (for those of us who invite at all as opposed to the pass-or-bash philosophy) with 4=3=3=3/3=4=3=3 always use Stayman or not.


I always use Stayman with 4CM and 4333 invites
I choose based on more nuanced criteria (please explain).
I always skip Stayman and use Range Check with these
I always either pass or bash with these, never invite
Other (please explain)

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