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Off-and-on, I have been beating my head against the wall for over a year to calculate the exact success rates of Stayman when responder holds (a) just one 4-card major, and (b) two 4-card majors.

Has anyone out there done this?

My original motivation came from my "disgust" for auctions like:1NT - 2C; 2S - 2NT; P - P and partner or I go down 1 trick.

I recently threw in the towel and used an approximate method to find:

1. Responder, holding one 4-card major suit, fails to finds 4-4 or a 5-4 major suit fit with opener about 7 times in every 11 tries.

2. Responder, holding two 4-card majors, succeeds in finding a 4-4 or a 5-4 major suit fit with opener roughly 2 times in every 3 tries. 


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