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Standard Definition of a Limit Raise Response to a Major Suit opening

The term "limit raise" is on the ACBL convention card, and yet there appears to be disagreement as to what it means.  This poll asks about your belief as to what is the standard definition of a "limit raise," as a response to a major suit opening bid.

(1) 10-12 "points," such as "Goren" support points ... HCPs + shape points (voids=5, singleton=3, doubleton=1)

(2) A hand that is inviting partner to bid game if he has more than a minimum opener.

There is no standard definition.
(1) only, even if it doesn't meet the requirements of (2)
(2) only, even if it doesn't meet the requirements of (1)
The requirements of both (1) and (2) must be met.
(2), but only if it meets a minimum HCP requirement
Other -- my answer is not given.

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