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Spring KO Match Finding

Do you need help finding your opponents for the Spring KO or finding a match to kibitz.  Here is how you do it.

Find the bracket and determine your pairing.  The bracket is here:

Once you know who you are going to play, you can find their team name and maybe their email by opening the following Google Sheets document:

Remember to look at the tabs at the bottom.  Select Rosters for opposing team information.  Select The Round tab to find out who is playing today.  They type in the matches date and time themselves.

If you still haven't found an email address, go to one of your emails about the tournament from Tom Reynolds and look at the emails in the header.  Find the name of the opposing team captain and email them.  If you still can't find it, drop Tom an email.

Please keep kibitzing the matches.  Go to the above spreadsheet to find times, or just search through the running team games on BBO. There have been tons of cool matches lately.  Watch out for viewgraph matches of the Spring KO coming soon.  I will be posting less, but don't think I lack sprink ;-) in my step! I'll be back to announce later rounds.

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