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Sportsmanlike dumping???

Please forgiven me if this has been clearly resolved or if I bruise a few toes/egos by simply asking this question in my virginal ignorance.  In bridge and other activities there is something that has been referred to a "sportsmanlike dumping."  I recall reading about it in old Bridge World editorials when I stood on line waiting for bus from NY Port Authority to my home in NJ, where my wife and I have raised 3 kids over 40 years and I have skipped virtually all Nationals and most Regionals.  Anyway, my understanding is that "Sportmanlike dumping" (my quotes, is this an oxymoron?) goes something like this: 1. there are 4 or more teams A,B,C,D left in contention.  2. Say you are team A playing against team B and the winner plays team C, the loser plays team D. 3. Team C is clearly stronger than team D, so beating B reduces your chances of winning the next or last round.   Technically you can argue that "dumping" to team B, as opposed to playing the best bridge/chess/badminton/whatever that you can is the superior, correct and ethical strategy.  Please chose your view from the choices below. I realize that I've simplified the issue and there could be more or less than 4 teams and much more complexity, and you can chime in with examples if you wis, but in my naivety, I have taken a KISS approach.  Again, I don't mean to offend anyone by this poll, would just like to know how this issue is divided, or not.

Dumping or deliberately losing this match is fine and correct and I feel good about it.
Dumping or deliberately losing this match is strategically correct and I would do it, but have mixed feelings or guilt afterwards.
Even though strategically correct I wouldn't "dump" and play my hardest in this match
It's outright wrong and unethical and I refuse to consider it.

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