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Splitting honors: which honor to play?

If you are a defender, second hand to play to a trick led from declarer or dummy, and you have a sequence of two or more honors (not headed by the ace), and if you decide to split your honors, which honor do you play?

I have seen and heard several differing opinions on this issue, from respected players and authors.

I am referring to the situation where you know or expect that third hand can take the trick; in other words: that you ‘split’ your honors rather than ‘go up’ with one. Therefore, sequences headed by the ace and king do not count. I am referring to sequences like KQ+, KQJ+, QJ+, QJ10+, J10+, J109+.

Also, it is clear that splitting honors is not always the thing to do. The question is how you split if you split.

Always split with the highest honor
Always split with the second highest honor
Always split with the lowest honor
Split with lower from two, highest from three of more honors
Split with higher from two, lowest from three of more honors
Other (feel free to explain)

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