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Spingold Final -- Tie after Regulation
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The Spingold final between #9GRUE and #39BRIDGE24proved to be a close, hard-fought match, with neither team ever holding more than a 12-IMP lead at the end of each quarter. Going into the final board,GRUE clung to a 10-IMP lead, but then their Eastfaced this defensive problem:

North opened a Multi-2 (weak two in either major) and South asked partner to bid game in his major with a call of 4. West doubled 4 for the lead and hearing this, South elected to declare. On the J lead, covered by the Q and won by the A, East had a tough guess after declarer followed with the 3. Would you try to cash another club or shift to the diamond partner had requested in the auction?

East chose to cash the second top club, which held. Partner played the 2 and declarer the 9. Now what?

After thinking for several minutes, East returned a diamond, and declarer soon claimed 10 tricks. The full hand:

At the other table, Grue and Moss reached 4 by North after a natural 2 opening and a 4 raise. This quickly went one down after 3 rounds of clubs and the A. 10 IMPs toBRIDGE29 pulled them into a tie and an 8-board playoff. Stay tuned for the final result...

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