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Small Sectional Swiss Team Event

I played in a Sectional Swiss Team event this past Sunday.  In the A/X flight there were only 4 teams.  When it became clear that there were only 4 teams, one of the teams withdrew, leaving only 3 teams.  I was told that the reason that the fourth team withdrew was that they were told that there would be only one overall placing for a field consisting of 4 teams.  But I did not speak to any of the members of the withdrawing team about the reason for their withdrawal.

There were 9 teams in the first bracket of the B/C/D teams and 7 teams in the second bracket of the B/C/D teams (just reporting the facts - I have no idea why the two brackets of the B/C/D teams were not 8 teams each).

With three teams, we were originally scheduled to play a quadruple round robin - eight 7-board matches scored at VPs, with each team playing each other team four times.  As the first two matches took much longer than expected, all three teams agreed that we would cut the event short after the third round-robin.

Has anyone experienced anything quite like this?

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